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Little Things We Do

Little Things We Do~Comic Relief Friday

So…here is how the conversation went on the way to a friend’s “Big Ass 60th Birthday Party” {The Official Name} in Cleveland last Saturday.

Little Things We Do #1


This was my first attempt at doing a comic.  I used Joe Ollmann’s Mid-Life as an example.  I like his drawing style, and he talks about poop a lot~ so what’s not to like. Anyway–Thanks for the inspiration, Joe!

Apparently, other inspirations are Peanuts and Cathy : )

There are some funny things, or at least things you don’t think about, that happen when you live in a small space.  I thought I’d use this medium to express those things.  It may or may not work out, but I thought I would at least give it a go.

I hope you enjoy “Little Things We Do.”  And I’ll try to make Ron look less like a love child of Charlie Brown and Phil Collins and me less like Joe Walsh. ; )

Until next time, live small and prosper,


Me at Franklin Conservatory

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