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These Boots Are Made for Walkin’… Well, for Anything, really!

Wellies in Backseat of My Car

After all that ranting from a Grumpy Old Man (Youthful Mid-aged Man -Ron) in the last post, let’s talk about something fun~boots.  I have to admit, even though I’m not a fasionista, I have always liked boots.  When I was younger, I wanted a pair of those white, patent leather Go-Go boots with a yellow Polka Dot dress Yellow Dress

But, alas, thanks to Middle-European ancestry, I have cankles and fat calf, so no Go-Gos for me.  Maybe that’s why I became an anti-fashinista : )

When you live small and in the country (fat calf or not), it is best to be practical and get a good pair of Wellies.  What are Wellies?  You must not live in the country. ; )  Welly is a British term and is short for Wellington.  Wikipedia has an article about them, with a pic of some really cute ones.  I have a black, all purpose, pair, but you don’t have to be boring about it.  There are wellies in all styles.  But if you are an obsessive “collector type” like I am (I’ll talk more about this sickness in later posts), don’t look~just go with the basic black.

I keep my boots in the back of my car in case I need to film a cemetery with my friend, Michele,AngelFace or take some pics of angels and Marys, but that’s just me.  Mostly, I keep them there because this is not much room in our small entry/kitchen.   But in winter when I need them to go in the snow, I keep them by the front door in this area.  I know keeping things in the car is not a novel idea; many New Yorkers are very familiar with this.  The car makes a convenient place to store things when you don’t have anywhere else to put them.  If you do store things in your car, think about what might make sense to put there, like boots or blankets or picnic baskets for an impromptu outing.  But I disgress…

So tell me, do you have Wellies?  What is your boot situation?  Can you have just one pair?

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  1. Recently, due to a teen boy foot growing spree, we had to repurchase rubber boots. While in the “rubber boot section” of Walmart (where else?) I picked up a pair for myself. As you guys know, we are in hurricane central and between that and the more than occasional good old storm here, I end up with the gentlemen out in the slop, so I decided I needed a pair, too. Mine are a delightful olive drab color.

    If you own a home, you need a pair of these. Sooner or later, you’ll end up with a situation out there where you need to be not worrying about if your feet are dry. They slip on fast and off you go. Highly recommended!

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