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Fans of Portlandia will immediateBath Panorama1ly recognize the phrase “Put a Bird on It.”  Lisa and Bryce, aka Carrie and Fred, put birds on things.  This is my “Put a Bird On It.”

We have a vintage white-porcelain sink in our bathroom.  We like the look of it, and the size fits perfectly in its small nook; however, the tiny ledge at the top can only hold bathroom paraphernalia such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.  There is no room for my morning coffee, and you know I need that! For a long time I juggled the cups on the side edge of the sink, always worrying if I would be cleaning up spilled coffee and a broken cup before the morning procedures were over.

Put a Bird on ItFinally, we spotted this lovely shelf at one of our local antique haunts.  I know we didn’t pay much for it since Ron was with me ~ ; )  I think it was under $5.00.  A swipe of a clean cloth and a screw to hang it, and we were in business.

This little shelf is the perfect size for a coffee mug, and it keeps it out of the way so that I don’t knock it over.  If you don’t need something right away, it’s fun to make a list of the things you need and look for interesting or unique objects when you go to secondhand stores or flea markets.

What are the things you need but can wait for? If living small is also about economy, you can save tons with patience.  Make a list of things that you need for a specific function and start scouting out those secondhand stores for them.  You just never know what you are going to find. Ron interjects “You can always just look at something and love it but not need to own it!” You might even be able to put your own bird on it!

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