It Takes a Village~Washington DC~The Boneyard

First, I just have to say, Boneyard Studios is the coolest name ever!

Boneyard Studios was created in 2012

“to demonstrate creative urban infill, promote the benefits of tiny houses, support other tiny house builders, and model what a tiny house community could look like.”

And they invite you to come look!

One day I would like to tour the community, but for now, I’m touring their site.

The community consists of three tiny houses constructed on wheels that range from 140-210 sq. ft., and one studio shed that is 288 sq. ft.  The shed is being used as a workshop and common area, but it could be converted into a living space.

The project was created by:

This is not just a tiny house community; it’s a creative center that has offered tours of the houses and gardens, concerts, book readings, and bike-in theater.  ~And all for free!

From a post on Aug. 19th, it looks like they have out-grown their space and are looking for another prospective DC space to inhabit.  But they need help and people to contribute.  Click here for more information about helping out.  I think this is a wonderful idea for recreating those ugly, abandoned lots into beautiful, creative spaces and a worthy cause.

Their blog has more information about this project.  The only question I had that wasn’t answered on the site (at least I couldn’t find it) was why they named it Boneyard Studios.  Then I looked at the map and saw that they are next to the Glenwood Cemetery.  Be still my heart!

Angels~Be still my heart!

When I visit, I’ll definitely have to add these angels to my collection. ; )

Until next time, stay small and prosper!


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