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Listen to Me Yapaway about Tiny Houses on the DIY April Podcast and Blog ;)

I was a guest on the DIY April Podcast recently. The show was titled Tiny House Movement Explodes ~ see the blog here. April and I talked about several Tiny House issues like locations, regulations, the reality of building costs, & why anyone would be crazy enough to attempt living in under 500SF with other folks! If you want to hear me yapaway about my opinions on these issues, go to DIY April  and look about half way down the page for this podcast. Click the play button and pretend we are on HGTV ~ Here’s a little taste of the blog post

Rons3* The tiny house movement is huge now as people want to scale down and get rid of waste. The idea goes against what has been the trend for so long. The bigger the house, the better the life… right?

I look at large homes with sprawling yards and all I see is a bigger to-do list for time that I don’t have to spare.

April interviews artists, remodelers, Interior decorators, and generally anyone who has the ability and experience to share their “How-To” with other folks. Some really good, fun stuff over there so go peruse and until next time

Cheers and keep TINY,


Ron standing behind Shiny Tiny Mansion giving the TINY gang sign!

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