Awaken to Spring

Heart Garden-Shiny Tiny Mansion

Gaia Garden-Shiny Tiny MansionIt’s Springtime at Shiny Tiny Mansion and time to get out and about. It has been over a year since we’ve posted here. ~Not because we wanted to stay away. We just have been focusing on other projects. We’ve stayed on social media, but the website has suffered.

We are back now with a new look and new ideas!

We want to share what is happening here~in the garden, in the house, in art, in natural and semi-off-the-grid methods~and in the Shiny Tiny Lifestyle.

Tiny lifestyles are becoming popular these days, with the “tiny house movement” and minimalizing. We’ve lived like this most of our lives. It is second nature to us, so we often think that many of the things we would talk about are common knowledge to everyone~forgetting that they aren’t. More people are thinking about downsizing and reassessing their lives to focus on what really matters.

So, what does matter?

It’s different for everyone, but here is what I think matters.

  • Your Family and Your Significant other(s) (that could be your cat) ; )
  • Friends
  • Your Faith~whatever that means to you
  • Living a Good Life~Thank you Helen and Scott~ I will talk more about them!
  • Growing your own food
  • Making meals from that food (ohhh the flavor!)
  • Making a lot of what you need
  • Only purchasing what is necessary
  • Taking time to appreciate what is around you
  • Spending time in nature
  • Art, art, art, art…. : )
  • Creativity
  • Freedom from debt
  • Doing what matters in your life
  • Appreciating each day for what it is
  • Being kind and helping others

~We will continue to talk about our Shiny Tiny Life and doing what matters in this world~

Now, you tell us what matters to you! Let’s start a conversation!

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