The Turning Of an Old Leaf~Our Third Birthday

Birthday Cake

Turn of an Old LeafLast week someone asked me how long we have had this blog, but I couldn’t answer him. I looked at the posts and discovered that we will be three years old on June 10th! I can remember talking about it with Ron and saying that there might be some people interested in how we live and what we have to say about it. Well, not just some people, many people did! We have been getting traffic on our blog, Facebook page and Instagram continually throughout the last three years. We don’t get millions of views, but we get consistent views. That’s still exciting to me!

Why we called our blog Shiny Tiny Mansion…

Ron and I lived with three cats and a dog in a tiny 1960’s trailer for 7 years. After living that tiny, 450 sq  ft was a mansion : )  We came up with many different names: some funny and some not so much. Finally, Ron declared, “What about Shiny Tiny Mansion?” ~and it stuck.

The Old Mansion

We haven’t really had much direction with the blog. At the beginning we talked mainly about our house and small living, but like many other bloggers, we ran out of ideas and steam. We didn’t want to delete the blog and social media pages, because people were still finding us, and we think it’s important to get the small, simple, natural, sustainable message out there. But~we weren’t sure which direction to take it. So…I, Sue, have taken over the blog : ) and I’m making some changes!

Here’s What I’m Thinking

  • I will be working to make the blog more focused and community driven.
  • I am going to start a podcast called Mornings at the Mansion. One day I was having my morning coffee, listening to the birds, and I thought everyone should have the opportunity to listen to the birds while they have their morning coffee. : ) Podcasting is new to me, so I’m sure it will take me a little while to get set up. Once I do, I want to do the podcast from our porch so that the birds are in the background. I’d like to talk about living sustainably and simply, homesteading practices, nature, maybe read some poems and stories, but I promise no singing!
  • I will also be talking about the process as I go through it.

I welcome any suggestions about topics or ways to make this blog more useful.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Jump on and wish us Happy Birthday : )

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