Support Your Local Farmers and Makers

Our local COOP, Local Roots, is open year ’round, but I often forget about it in the winter. When the days get warmer, I get eager to buy fresh, organic produce. Most towns have a local COOP. If you haven’t heard of them or know of any near you, you can go to the COOP finder site to find one. I’ve been using COOPs since Ron and I got married in 1986. Our local COOP in Highland Square (Akron) used to be on the corner where I would wait for the bus to take me to the University. I loved walking in that little shop with the hardwood floors and makeshift shelves.

COOPs have gotten more sophisticated since then. You can now find locally made items and anything you may need for an organic meal.

Local Roots has grown over the years. It now has an assortment of different products along with a section for locally made items. A shopper can always find something unique there.

Another source for local items is farms markets. Most of them have not started yet, but you can still find one near you and make a note to visit them this summer. There is nothing like fresh produce, and there is also nothing like helping your local farmer.

I’m looking forward to connecting with the Blue Hill COOP when we get to Maine. I’m sure I will find plenty to write about once I do.

So, get out there and find a COOP or Farmers’ Market and make your meals delicious and nutritional!

~See you in the next post


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