Grandma's Dish

To Keep or Not to Keep

To Keep or Not to Keep~That is the question. What do you do with heirlooms? Do you keep them, give them to family or friends or donate? I asked my friends on Facebook, and they gave me some great answers.

Goodwill Kitty

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

52 Tiny Thing #1 is downsizing. So many people have told me that they would like to downsize, but it is too overwhelming. How do you eat an elephant? ~One bite at a time! How do you downsize? ~One thing at a time!

My Small Start

I always loved the idea of keeping a clean and tidy house.  Now, I still like that idea, but I don’t always have the time to clean; or when I do have some time, I would rather relax or do something I enjoy more.  Small houses can limit the amount of time it takes to […]