Shiny Tiny Mansion

Living Small Naturally

Why do Small Homes Cost so Much and Where We Go From Here

I read this post from Forbes today – 12 Tricked-Out Tiny Houses, And Why They Cost So Much This 510SF tiny is worth nearly 1.2 million! I don’t agree with some things in this article, but most of it is dead on. 1) “Fueled by backlash from the financial and housing crisis, these homes–typically sized 500 […]

Put a Bird On It

Fans of Portlandia will immediately recognize the phrase “Put a Bird on It.”  Lisa and Bryce, aka Carrie and Fred, put birds on things.  This is my “Put a Bird On It.” We have a vintage white-porcelain sink in our bathroom.  We like the look of it, and the size fits perfectly in its small nook; […]

Teeny Tiny Life~Being Content in a Tent

“NOTHING WILL CONTENT HIM WHO IS NOT CONTENT WITH A LITTLE.” —Greek proverb   I subscribe to a “Quote of the Day” site and found this wonderful quote in my inbox last week.  I thought it would be a good time to talk about living in very small, portable, and affordable space~a tent.  Although Ron […]