Shiny Tiny Mansion

Living Small Naturally

Thinking Small 102 – Size is Relative

Working through some philosophy and the big picture on small living before I get into the meat and bones of building .  .  . How big is big enough? If you’re homeless I would say a 500 SF house would be a mansion – If you are in the top 1%, 500SF would be your […]

Thinking Small 101 – Economy

So you just walked past your formal dining room and thought, “When was the last time we used that? Christmas? – no we went to Mom & Dad’s. And what about the sitting room or that 4th bedroom, now that the kids are gone? We never had the money to get the quality stuff we […]

Small Beginnings

Ron and I are somewhere in the middle of our story, but this is just the beginning of the telling. We’ve lived in small quarters, first with three cats and a dog and now with just two cats, for all 28 years of our married life, and we plan to live this way for the rest of […]