A Homesteader’s Portfolio

A Homesteader's Portfolio
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Published: 1922
Alice, a spinster teacher in the South, decided to pack up and travel to Oregon to teach and homestead. This book takes the reader through this trip with her. She had a strength and great hope for her success in a new state doing a difficult job on her own. "They've got the Project look. It's strange, the look; it's hope, I suppose." p.31 The book is a quick and delightful read.

The Adventure

The Round Up

Business is Business

The New Land in Autumn

The New Land in Spring


The Life of the Pioneers

“And the evening and the morning were the first day.”

White Leghorns


The Bachelors

The Old Oregonian

The Quest of Diogenes

Dinner in the Basin

“Behold, In the Tent”


Aunt Polly, Pioneer

“To-morrow and T0-morrow and T0-morrow”

Bossy and Psalmmy


The Companions

The Survival of the Fittest

The Witness


The Old Oregonian Again

To Have and to Hold


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