Holistic Homesteading: A Guide to a Sustainable and Regenerative Lifestyle

Holistic Homesteading: A Guide to a Sustainable and Regenerative Lifestyle
I purchased this book on Kindle because it covered a lot of the topics I want to know more about. It didn't disappoint. There is so much information I can use in this book, and it is all explained well with nice images. I like that the book begins by saying that a homesteader is anyone who is moving toward self-sufficiency.


Chapter 1—Planning a Regenerative Future Ideas for Generating Income on a Homestead or Farm Planning a Business

Chapter 2—Choosing Your Homestead: Site and Scale.

Scale How to Choose a Location and Land

Chapter 3—Gardening for an Abundant Food Supply

Research Natives or Bio Regionally Appropriate Plants

Planning a Garden What Is Permaculture?

What Is a Guild?

Growing Food without Chemicals Growing Mushrooms

Retrofitting Urban and Suburban Areas for Food Production

Chapter 4—Foraging Foraging Ethics/Etiquette

A Few Forages Make Wild Violet Tea

Chapter 5—Food Preservation




Freeze Drying



Root Cellaring

Chapter 6—Baking and Cooking with Sourdough Culture

Making a Starter Culture

Sourdough Bread Crackers

Tortillas Biscuits




Dutch Baby Pancake

Shortbread Cookies

Sage’s Special Honey White



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