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Ron acting goofy and Sue freezing at the back (main) door. https://shinytinymansion.com/the-corl-storybook-cottage-picturebook/

Ron and I (Sue) live in a 450SF cottage that we hand-built over a 6 year period and completed in 2007. We were married ages ago, in 1986, and the largest home we have ever lived in was about 900SF. We are considering downsizing even more!

We are not young, idealistic dreamers, fresh out of college, thinking we can change the world. We are old, idealistic dreamers, fresh out of youth, knowing that 2 people can not change the world, but ideas can. We can share our decades of small living experiences and contribute to the conversation we like to call a –
“Movement Towards Rational Habitation.”

Shiny Tiny Mansion is about living a small, sustainable, simple, and natural lifestyle. We talk about ideas to help you move toward this mindset in your home and gardens.

This is for all you Tiny Dreamers and Tiny Movers and Tiny Idealistic Youth! We love ya!
Thanks for looking and share like there is no tomorrow 😉
Living Small Naturally!

Ron & Sue

Ron is a furniture designer/craftsman/woodworker/artist/ and Sue is a writer/craftswoman/sewer/artist with more degrees than you can shake a stick at.
Creativity drives our passion for life

19 thoughts on “Original Tiny – About Us

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for taking the time to write. I have just the basic floor plan on the site here but no construction plans. My philosophy is to gather materials first because you can get some really great deals on things like off-size windows & close out hardware and flooring. Then you design and build around your materials and can save $1000’s! I had to build an angled wall in the bathroom to sit around a boulder. Then I had to do the same in the shower and trust me, that’s not for the weak of heart! That’s another reason why I don’t have the plan for sale. I would also change a few things after living here for 8 years as well. Living tiny is fluid and we are always tweaking to make it better.

      It’s very helpful to have some knowledge of building walls and installing windows before you start or at least have some carpenter friends that will work for pizza and beer 😉 I am happy to answer any questions you have or even Skype with you if we schedule it ahead. You can email me directly at ron@shinytinymansion.com
      Cheers and stay TINY!!

  1. Yes thats where i live. I have a extra single type of size car garage in my back yard with electric already. So i have the frame part, i just need inside done, is my wish some day. The garage is currently keeping our ’72 (i believe is the year) VW bug for the winter.

  2. Omg, r hat would be great. I love the window where the bed is, and the knick knacks on the green shelf, i just love the whole tiny house

    1. Thanks Christy. So where are you? Mansfield? We are south of Killbuck off State Route 60. You thinking of going tiny or just like small houses? Def let’s meet up after the holidays, during one of our less snowy days 😉

      1. I live in ohio between columbus and cleveland. Your home is BEAUTIFUL. I love going to amish country, hope maybe pass by and see ur tiny home some day. Thank you for sharing

      2. I’m so glad to see a tiny house in Ohio, where you deal with our weather issues. We aren’t Portland, OR! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Pacific NW, but here in Central OH, we can have some crazy weather. One thing I wonder about as I think about going small is having an upstairs bedroom. I hope (and plan) to be active for many years, but do you think it’s possible to age in place with a tiny home with a bedroom loft? Just curious about your thoughts. Thanks for sharing your wonderful home!

        1. Hi Diana,
          Thanks so much for writing! This is an issue I will definitely address this year. I have so many ideas for Shiny Tiny it’s hard to keep them all in my tiny brain, LOL.

          Our loft is a stand up loft, more like an attic bedroom really, but there are still steps going up. We ruled out a cool and space saving ladder just for the reason you mentioned. We are 55 now and about the last thing I want to do is climb a ladder to bed and then not be able to stand up in the bedroom. Although very space saving, that is not age friendly in my opinion.

          As I design new home plans this year, I am considering this and will be sharing some small, one floor ranch style homes. Even though you don’t lose interior square footage by having everything on one floor, you do have a larger footprint on the ground. If Shiny Tiny was all on one level, I would need to have spread out the piers even more to accommodate the bedroom and then you have more roof as well. So, a spread out, one floor plan could potentially cost a little more. When you go up a story, the same roof covers the whole structure and the floor of the upper level becomes the ceiling of the lower.

          In honesty though, I think about having a one floor home all the time even though we can walk up the stairs blindfolded. It’s just easier and safer. So for a more “age friendly” Tiny, it’s all about ease of use and one floor with realistic sized baths and enough space to not feel claustrophobic after a lifetime of work to get to where we are. We deserve a warm, comfortable, and functional place to live that is affordable and user friendly. That’s what I am working on this year!

          Please stay in touch. I’m always happy to answer questions and if you want to visit sometime when we have warmer weather, just let me know 🙂 Where are you located?
          Thanks so much,

  3. Movement toward rational habitation. Awesome.
    I think there are lots of folks, young and old, that feel that we need to get a better handle on how we are living today. We have lived small, built big, sold and bought smaller but its just not small enough.
    I look forward to your upcoming posts and hope you might check out my blog as well. I think we may have some things in common!

  4. Can you give us some ball park’s on costs, assuming that we are highly motivated scavengers but not craftsmen or architects? Thanks for your work. It has been an inspiration for me.

    1. Thanks for the questions Chris! Never realized that I had never talked about the costs. You have just given me the topic for my next post. Are you subscribed to our blog? If not, I’ll email you when I post it.
      Cheers and thanks so much for the comments!

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