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This was the original Shiny Tiny Mansion. We had 30 acres in Coshocton County, Ohio that we purchased off of Ron’s mom and aunt in 1998. Ron finished the tiny in 2007, and we lived there in different capacities until 2018. As we got older, it was difficult to take care of everything. Because of this and several other reasons, we sold in the fall of 2018 and moved into a small cape in Wooster, Ohio. Now, we are thinking about a move to Maine, which we will document here.

Follow along with us.

The front of Shiny Tiny Mansion with spring flowers blooming.
The front of our house faces the road. But there is a creek and lots of trees between us and the road, so we get privacy during the summer.
Shiny Tiny Mansion Front Porch
Ron and our nephew Braden built our front porch. We love to sit in the rockers and drink tea, coffee or something a little stronger ; )
A small rock garden is positioned on the left side of the house.
This is the side of the house closest to the road. The area on the left is our living room and the bathroom is on the right. You might notice steps coming out of the bathroom. We have a door there so we can come directly into the bathroom with dirty clothes and to take out the bucket for the composting toilet (We use the Joe Jenkins Humanure Method). The garden in front is my rock garden.
Back porch and main entrance of Shiny Tiny Mansion
This is where we enter the house. The white door on the right was meant to be temporary. We planned to use that as an entryway into a small pantry and kitchen. That is still in the plans. The blue door on the left is decorative. That confuses some people. They wonder how we get into the house through that door. : )
The studio is at the end of our shed. It is positioned right outside the bathroom door.
The studio is the tan building at the end of our red shed. It is positioned right outside the bathroom door.
Shiny Tiny Mansion painted stairway to the bedroom.
The stairs to the loft bedroom ~ the stairs are small and rotate up the wall. It is best to go up starting with your left foot and come down starting with your right. You can’t see it in this picture, but Sue painted “It’s left up to you” on the stairs and made a quilt that says “Right down you go” that hangs on the wall.
The left side of the 12' X 16' living room. We each have a chair. There is no room for a couch.
Sitting Side of the Living Room ~ we got all of the furniture in the house at second-hand stores.
The full length of the 12' X 16' livingroom, with stairs at the end
Looking in the Living Room From the Kitchen ~ all of the wood in the house came from auction and some of it came from an old house we tore down in Southern Ohio.
The kitchen consists of a sink and stove. The fridge and food/dish cupboards are housed in the living room.
The Kitchen ~ The lady on the cupboard is Judy. : ) She is an old Coke sign that we bought at an antique store. It was broken up and in pretty bad shape, so we brought her home for next to nothing. Sue cleaned her up and Ron made her into a cupboard door.
The hosier cupboard and dish/microwave/food pantry cupboard are at the end of the living room.
Looking Into the Kitchen from the Living Room ~ The Hoosier cupboard stores our food. Ron made the cupboard in front of that as a microwave, dish, toaster space. The cat in front of that cupboard is Vlad. He is half of the dynamic feline duo. Sophie is the other half, but she is hiding. Vlad is a camera hog!
The loft bedroom has an alcove for the bed, and antique abacus beads for the headboard.
The Bed in the Loft Bedroom ~ Ron painted the ceiling and stenciled leaves that are replicated on the stairs.
Sue's clothes cupboards and the dresser
Looking to the Stairs from the Bed ~ The closets on the side of the room and the dresser provide plenty of space for our clothes.
The bathroom sink and large, tiled shower with glass door.
The Shower and Sink in the Bathroom ~ We lived in a tiny camper for 7 years, and Ron said that when he made the shower, it was going to be big–and it is! The green tiles on the shower were leftovers from a tile job at Sheetz Gas Station. We got them at a yard sale. We got the chandelier from an ad in the Wooster paper. The new owners of the house thought it was ugly. We LOVE it!!      : )
A large shower is a luxury in a tiny home, but one to consider for comfort.
Looking in at the Bathroom from the door ~ We have an outside door so that we can come directly into the bathroom with dirty clothes on and take out the bucket from the composting toilet–you can see it in the lower right corner. : ) The sink is an old pedestal sink from, you guessed it, an auction.

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