About Us

Ron acting goofy and Sue freezing at the back (main) door. http://shinytinymansion.com/the-corl-storybook-cottage-picturebook/

Ron and I (Sue) live in a 450SF cottage that we hand-built over a 6 year period and completed in 2007. We were married ages ago, in 1986, and the largest home we have ever lived in was about 900SF. We are considering downsizing even more!

We are not young, idealistic dreamers, fresh out of college, thinking we can change the world. We are old, idealistic dreamers, fresh out of youth, knowing that 2 people can not change the world, but ideas can. We can share our decades of small living experiences and contribute to the conversation we like to call a –
“Movement Towards Rational Habitation.”

Shiny Tiny Mansion is about living a small, sustainable, simple, and natural lifestyle. We talk about ideas to help you move toward this mindset in your home and gardens.

This is for all you Tiny Dreamers and Tiny Movers and Tiny Idealistic Youth! We love ya!
Thanks for looking and share like there is no tomorrow 😉
Living Small Naturally!

Ron & Sue

Ron is a furniture designer/craftsman/woodworker/artist/ and Sue is a writer/craftswoman/sewer/artist with more degrees than you can shake a stick at.
Creativity drives our passion for life