The Evil Tchotchke That Ate the Small House

Once upon a time, there was a lady who was a collector.  She started out innocently enough, with a pair of anthropomorphic peach salt and pepper shakers.  They reminded her of her great grandmother’s house, and made her smile.  The next time she was shopping, she saw a 1950’s tablecloth.  “This would go perfectly with my peach […]

Put a Bird On It

Fans of Portlandia will immediately recognize the phrase “Put a Bird on It.”  Lisa and Bryce, aka Carrie and Fred, put birds on things.  This is my “Put a Bird On It.” We have a vintage white-porcelain sink in our bathroom.  We like the look of it, and the size fits perfectly in its small nook; […]

Small Beginnings

Ron and I are somewhere in the middle of our story, but this is just the beginning of the telling. We’ve lived in small quarters, first with three cats and a dog and now with just two cats, for all 28 years of our married life, and we plan to live this way for the rest of […]