Small Beginnings

Ron acting goofy and Sue freezing at the back (main) door.

Ron and I are somewhere in the middle of our story, but this is just the beginning of the telling. We’ve lived in small quarters, first with three cats and a dog and now with just two cats, for all 28 years of our married life, and we plan to live this way for the rest of our days.  Some days it feels like the cats should have their own Shiny Tiny Mansion , but we soldier on and live to serve another day.

We feel that the best way to start telling this story is through a blog.  It will be an informative, real life, no-holds-barred weekly blog and a resource for those thinking about living smaller.   To get different perspectives on how we live, Ron and I will take turns posting.  If it calls for it, we might even barge in on each other’s posts to give our own two cents.

Some of the topics we will address are:

-Actionable first steps in “how to” find out if you can live small
-Build yourself or hire “the Pros & the Cons”
-Oh, the money you will save
-50 and booming!

We want to keep it light and fun and interactive, so let us know about your interests or ask questions about what we post.   A website is on the way, and we will post a link to it when it is up and running.

Here’s to small beginnings!  See you at the next post!

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