Time to Leave!

This week a train derailed in a small town on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border. The gas in the air was so bad that the people were told they needed to leave immediately. There are houses in California sliding into the sea. Houses catch on fire in the blink of an eye. Tornadoes barrel through towns and flatten everything in their paths. Snow and ice storms take roofs down.

It seems like everything is out to get us!

As I go through my things, I was thinking what I would take with me, if anything, if something happened to our house. There are many things that can be replaced, but there are some things that have meaning to us. Would we save those things or let them go?

I’m starting to look at these various things I’ve collected over the years and wondering how important they are.

I don’t think I could carry all of these cookbooks at once. Time to go!

This thought is getting me to the point that I am willing to start to let things go.

Imagine that you have to leave your house in 10 minutes. Also, imagine that all the people and pets in the house are safe. Would you grab anything? If you would, what would it be?

As we are creeping toward spring cleaning, think about what you would take with you and get rid of the things you wouldn’t miss.

See you in the next post!


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