Teeny Tiny Life~Being Content in a Tent


—Greek proverb
I subscribe to a “Quote of the Day” site and found this wonderful quote in my inbox last week.  I thought it would be a good time to talk about living in very small, portable, and affordable space~a tent.  Although Ron and I lived in a small camper when we first moved to our land and have never lived in a tent, I have been fascinated with this life-style since we met a man and a woman years ago who lived in a small camping tent year-round. We went to Maine one year on vacation and slept in the back of our capped pick-up on the edge of a lake in Bar Harbor.  It was a gorgeous view.  The typical East Coast rocky beach was bathed in a soft mist each morning as the young couple in the tent on the rocks above us drank their coffee heated on a Coleman camp stove.   We were also young at the time, but I think they may have been in their early twenties; we were in our late twenties.  We asked them a lot of questions about what they did and how they lived this way.  As I recall, they were nomadic, living in Maine during the summer and moving to the south in the winter.  I can’t remember what they did for money.  This was pre-Internet, so I’m not sure if they had money saved up or did seasonal work.  They were very happy with this life-style and couldn’t see living any other way, but they were young.  I wonder where they are now…The couple in the video above were in their 60’s.  If you read the comments after the video, you will see that they lived this way for two years. During those years, they saved up money, sold their property, and were able to purchase a farm house.  Although they didn’t remain in their tent (they lived in Maine all year!), they made this a way to move on to the next step.  I don’t know this couple; they may live in a small farm house, but even if they live in a large house now, I’m sure they experienced the “Content with a Little” mindset that is encouraged in the proverb.

There are other, more permanent, ways to live the “tent experience” such as a Yurt.  But that’s for another post.  If you want to explore this topic a little more, I have put some links in the navigation bar on the left.

So, tell me…could you live in a tent?  What about a nomadic life?  Could you pack up only your essentials and move around the country or maybe even to other countries?

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  1. When we were almost 50 hubby and I lived and travelled in a backpacker’s tent for 6 months. We had just sold our family home and all our possessions except for our Toyota van and our camping gear. It was a totally freeing and enjoyable time! We now are now 64 and travel in a 17ft Casita trailer. Still small and simple.

  2. what if I gave up my appt. which is sec,8 and got me a tent just like your’s and they said I had to move with my 3 kittys That’s what I’m afraid of and my physical limitations but I think it beautiful.would your husband help me buil one I just found out there are no codes or zones out here but as that girl incolorado found I think when you go there with it that’s when they change the law’s.by the way you didn’t say were you put down root’s and if you pay rent thank’s Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie,
      We don’t live in a tent and own our Cottage. This site is all about what we have done over the last 28 years of small living and how we can help others make the transition. I think you are getting our post about tents and living in different spaces confused with what we do. I can’t build a home for you for free but I am happy to answer questions you may have.

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