We Were Contacted by HGTV this week ~ Casting Call for Tiny House Hunters


Earlier this week HGTV contacted us to see if we knew anyone that would be interested in being part of the filming for the new season of “Tiny House Hunters.” Did you guys see that?HGTV Tiny House Hunters Casting CallThey had 5 episodes on in December and I will soon be reviewing them. HGTV wants to find folks who are getting ready to move to a tiny, or just recently built one. I guess they aren’t interested in folks that are 28 years in, LOL! They want people who aren’t just dreaming about it, but are actually ready to make the move, on air. So if you are ready, email me and I will forward your info to my contact at HGTV. We would love to see you on the TINY screen!!!!

In another note ~So sorry for not posting mo-better, mo-often, but I swear we are going to try really hard this year of 2015. We’ve decided it is our year to SHOUT and be heard!!! We are niching down to look at homes under 1000SF, that have real “stand-up” bedrooms (even if they are in a loft) with real staircases (no ladders to bed!), workable kitchens, artist and writer studios, floor plans, and the most fun of all ~ downloadable and printable, cut-out, TINY cottages to create your tabletop tiny village. If not you, this will at least give the kiddos and grandkiddos something to do besides face plant on the phone or computer screen. Watch for these to start in February. We are dedicated to getting our first book out this year, working title “The Smart Persons Guide to Lovong Small”. (Smart Person’s Guide “really?” –This is Sue (the editor) the title is ~ The Smart Person’s Guide to Living Small ~My dear husband did not check with his editor before he posted LOL–the book should be just like this ;  )

(PS. Maybe your dear husband meant “The Smart Persons Guide to Loving Small”, subtitle “How to make children in 500SF or less”!”

PSS–I don’t like that talk! LOL


As always ~ keep it T~I~N~Y

Ron ~out (;>{)>


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