Some Things Never Change

The last time you heard from us we were still living in our tiny house in Killbuck, Ohio. In 2018, we decided to move to the near-by town of Wooster, Ohio. We sold our 30 acres and tiny house in September, and found our slightly larger, small house in October.

So, what happened?

We got older and didn’t want to live that small anymore.

When Ron built Shiny Tiny Mansion, we were in our late 30’s. We are now in our 60’s. I know that age is just a number, but you have to make decisions based on the time in your life. Our time in our tiny house was special, and we will always have the memories, but it wasn’t working for us anymore.

This was not our house, but it felt like it.

Over the years, the flooding in the area got worse. It would often flood over the road several inches making it impossible to leave. When we were younger, we took this is stride (for the most part). But as we got older, it wore on us. Moving to the near-by town of Wooster, Ohio made more sense to us. So, we moved in October of 2018.

Our House in Wooster

As you can see, we moved into a small cape. It is triple the size of our tiny house, but it is a perfect size for us. The only unused room is the dining room. If we continue to stay here, we will knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and make it all the kitchen. I say, “If we continue to stay here” because we have had an exciting opportunity come our way. We may be moving to Hancock, Maine or the general area.

We love where we are and thought we would never move, but the call of Maine and the possibility to begin again is enticing. We would love to have a do over to correct some things that we got wrong and enhance some things that we started to do but were unable to complete.

So–it seems like we are coming full circle–like Sophie and her boxes.

Goodwill Kitty
Taken at Shiny Tiny

We have all gotten older, but we still have that desire to live a better, simpler life.

I will continue to post on this site and on Facebook to take you all along on this crazy journey called life.

Thank you for supporting us over these years even when we weren’t posting.

See you in the next post,


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