A Little Privacy, Please

privacy cartoon
Ahhh, The Privacy

This really happened, but Ron wanted me to include that he was kidding when he said he thought I was dead. : )

Privacy…it’s often difficult to get anywhere, but sometimes impossible in a small house.  Where do you go when you need a little privacy?   The bathroom? That’s one option.

I’m not sure what other people do who live in small spaces.  I think about Jim Gaffigan, his wife and his many kids in that tiny apartment in NYC.  I know there are others out there now and those in the past who lived with several people in a very small space.

My mom talks about growing up in a coal mining house in Ernest, PA. The house was split down the middle; one family lived on one side and another on the other side.  My mom, grandpa, grandma, aunt and uncle lived in their side.  My mom shared a bed with her older sister, and my uncle, I think, slept on the couch~I’m not sure about that–fuzzy memory.  Anyway, there was little or no privacy there.   They also had several relatives staying with them at different times.  YIKES! That puts our situation to shame.

Privacy is one thing we all need but perhaps not often consider when planning a small space.  In the tiny houses, unless you are the only one living there, privacy is delegated to the bathroom, if you have one.  Or you could go outside.  Yes, the out-of-doors~a perfect place to find privacy and solace.  That can be one solution to the problem as long as you choose a secluded space.

You can also drive somewhere to find quiet, private time. You could go to the art museum, take a yoga or meditation class, or find a near by park.  If you want, there is usually a way to get some private time.  Whatever you do, when you are planning to live in a small space, consider what you will do to get that time.  And, yes, all you newly weds and love birds, there will come a time when you need your privacy no matter how much in love you are.

So, where do you go to get privacy, and where will you go when you move into a smaller space?  Think about it, and

Live small and prospers and share, share, share…

Also, thanks to all who responded to our last post~it got us back up and typing!  : )

Cheers to you all~Sue

4 thoughts on “A Little Privacy, Please

  1. Yeah! Comics! And thanks for the heads up about privacy. We currently have oodles of privacy working different shifts. It will most certainly be a big change when we are retired and in a much smaller home.

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