Dressing up a Dresser

Old Dresser Turned Into Storage Unit

Ron and I rarely do anything like normal people and always try to look at everything in new ways.  Ron is more like this than I am, but I think the almost 29 years together has rubbed off on me. We like to have unique things, but we also know that we have to think about practicality in a small space.

I wasn’t always like that. I grew up in a home where you just went out and bought the newest gadget without even thinking if you really needed it or not. I struggle with that a lot, but it seems to lessen with age and the knowledge that we really need very little to live. And if you think about it, we can live very comfortably and happily that way all of our lives. Just let go of the desire to own things. I know that’s a hard thing to do, but you can do it. It may take lots of effort and practice, but you can get to that point. Believe me!

So, what does this have to do with a dresser? I have no clue, 🙂 other than we thought a little differently about storage space. It is true that a person can live just fine with one set of utensils, one dish, one bowl, one frying pan…You get the picture. But I prefer not to live that way. If you are a cook, you will understand that there are certain things that just make your life a little easier. And if you are cooking a full meal, you know that one bowl, one set of utensils…will not cut it. Speaking of cutting, you will need more than one knife. True, there are things that I don’t need, and I’m slowing releasing those as I come across them. However, there are very few these days.

Okay, back to the dresser~

It was an inexpensive antique shop purchase. I believe we paid under $30 for it. It was bare wood and the drawers needed to be repaired.  Ron fixed the drawers, and we painted it white.  We also had handles and label plates that we had purchased earlier at a flea market. (We collected a lot of cool things before we built knowing how we would use them. We didn’t have a purpose for these when we purchased them; we just knew that they would be really cool on something in the house and they were small enough to store easily.) They were just perfect for this project.

Labels are: Deadly Nightshade, Frog’s Breath, Worm’s Wort, and Monkey Brains (I couldn’t think of another Nightmare reference.)

Of course, we have to be us and add a bit of whimsy.  We both love The Nightmare Before Christmas, so we added some elements from that movie.

Things I have stored in there:

Spices, food containers, pie pans, dish towels, double boiler, recipe boxes, smaller pots.

If you need a storage cupboard, try using an old dresser. They are less expensive than a new cupboard, they look cool, and they can store a lot.

Until next time, live small and prosper.


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