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Steamed windows, old recipe cards, holiday aprons, home-baked goodness…

You don’t have to give up the holidays just because you live in a small or tiny house. You can still make Grandma’s recipes, but it often takes a little imagination to make them in a small house.

I love to use old recipes from my grandma, and I also write new recipes on cards that are similar to hers to continue the tradition. When I baked anything, I couldn’t seem to find a good place for the cards so that they didn’t get into the baking mess. In a fit of frustration during one baking session, I stuck my recipe card on top of the coffee maker.  Then, I realized that there was a perfect card holder at the back.

coffee pot recipe holder2
The pot has a little ridge and railing at the back that is perfect for holding up the card.

Our coffee maker has little “railings” on top. I think they are there to make sure your cup doesn’t fall off when you put it there to warm it. I have never used it that way. I’ve used it as a cookie sheet holder, a bowl holder, a pot holder keeper, and now a recipe holder.

The brand we have is Delonghi Kmix. I found it on Amazon, but we didn’t pay anything close to that. I think we paid around $50.00 for it at Sur la Table. The point I’m trying to make is not to go out and buy this type of coffee maker, but to think about dual purposes when you purchase an item for your home. This was serendipitous; we just bought the coffee maker because we needed one and this was a good buy. I never thought I’d use it for a recipe holder.

The longer we live small, the more I am thinking imaginatively. 

As you do your shopping and baking and whatever else you need to do this season, look at your spaces and how you use them. Are there things that can be used in different ways or used as a multipurpose appliance?

Start to think this way, and you are on your way to thinking small!

Live small and prosper, and Happy Small Holiday Baking to you! : )


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