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If you aren’t familiar with Portlandia, it’s a parody show on IFC. If you didn’t catch that, it is a parody.  We’ve watched this show faithfully since the beginning and love it.  Fred and Carrie poke fun at a lot of things, including the tiny housers. The video above was featured on the Small House Society  facebook page, and apparently one member  unliked  the page because she was offended by the PARODY!!!!

This closed minded arrogance, in my opinion, is what gives people involved in any type of “movement” a bad name. There are others who can see the humor in things and laugh at themselves. Those are the people who will sustain the “movements.” They are usually the ones who are experienced and know that there are issues with everything that can be very aggravating at times but also funny. I would imagine if you ask Dee Williams , who is a tiny house dweller and also from Portland, about this video, she would say that it is hilarious and pretty true. I wonder if this “unliking” person has lived in a tiny house and, if so, how long she’s lived that way. If she does live tiny, maybe she needs to move into a larger house because you definitely need a sense of humor to live small!

Cheers to all of the tiny house dwellers who can laugh, love and live small!

As always, Live Small and Prosper! {RIP Leonard Nimoy!}






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