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This blog is not supposed to be all about the excess that we create and purchase, but it is obviously something that bothers me. I am just as guilty of buying the shiny things as the next gal, but how much of it do we need? If you use the operative word “NEED,” the answer is “very little.” We need to eat and drink, have a place to keep warm and dry, and clothes on our backs. Maybe even a pot to piss in, but that can be taken care of in the great outdoors. : )

You may see people on television who are living a lifestyle with only needed things. As I have said several times on this blog, I am not a minimalist. I believe we should live our lives so that they are pleasant to us. I can’t speak for those people living those very minimal lives, but they don’t seem to laugh or smile very often. Life is about being in it and enjoying it as much as you can!

Do you or your loved one really need that stuffed Valentine’s Day bear?

Maybe this one! He’s cute!

Let me help you with that; the answer is NO!

If you go to The World Counts site, you will see the tons of stuff that ends up in the landfill every second. It is astonishing! Most people do not live in or near a dump, so it is beyond our imagination. Once we take the trashcans to the curb, it is “Out of Sight, Out of Mind!”

A visual reminder

Sometimes it’s good to have a visual to remind us where all that trash goes. I know I will be reminding myself. Ron and I compost, so all of our food waste goes back into the earth. That helps a lot, but we could do better on the trash front. Here are some things we can do. When purchasing something,

  1. Think about the trash it will create.
  2. Are the contents recyclable? (Recycling, although better for the earth, sometimes is not a great option.)
  3. Is there another way to purchase the item that will not create so much waste? (Like in bulk)
  4. Is this a single use item? (Think individually wrapped food)
  5. Can I repurpose or reuse this item or the packaging?
  6. How was it made? Were there a lot of fossil fuels used? (Think buying local)
  7. Is there something else I can make or use instead of this item?
  8. What is this item made of? Is it harmful to the earth?
  9. Is there a used version available?
  10. Finally, Do I REALLY need this thing?

When looking for a gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, remember that it was created for the card industry. It is what some may call a Hallmark Holiday. You do not have to celebrate it. Or, if you would like to celebrate it to show that special someone that you care, please do something for them instead of buying the teddy bear! We have enough in this world already. ; )

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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