It’s National Splurge Day!

Live Simply

Today is National Splurge Day!

I would imagine most people know what splurging is.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is “to spend extravagantly or ostentatiously.” But, I wondered, can we splurge on ourselves or others and do it without spending money?

Buying things to live simply?

Ironically, I see a lot of signs telling us to Live More Simply.  Now, I am just as guilty as the next person of having too much stuff, even in a small house. If you want to live more simply, though, you really shouldn’t add to the stuff you already have, particularly with signs that say to live more simply. ; )

So how can you splurge without spending money?

beachhammockTake a Break

So many people are stressed these days with work, family, and other obligation. We just go from one thing to the other without stopping for a breath. When we do, we are so exhausted that we are panting instead of breathing. If we just stop and take one, long breath, it can really make a difference. Try it right now. Sit up in your seat, breathe in slowly through your nose and out slowly through your mouth. Keep breathing like that until you feel a calmness take over. Doing this with soft music playing in the background can soothe you even more.

Take a Nap

According to Science Daily,  people who take an hour nap after lunch do better on mental tests than people who don’t nap. That would probably be a difficult argument for your boss, but think about this on your day off. Or, maybe ask for some extra time after lunch so you can relax. You can also do some meditation instead of napping. There are many apps to help you relax and keep the time. My favorite is Insight Timer. Kudos to my friend, Stephanie, for recommending this. It’s free, and has a lot of great features that will help you with your practice. You can also make meditation friends and keep track of your own meditation time.

Take a Walk

Inn at Honey Run SculptureFind a place that is comfortable for you to take a long, leisurely walk. It is best if you can find a park, woods or trail. My favorite trail is at the Inn at Honey Run.  It’s very quiet and serene, and there are natural art pieces along the way to look at. You don’t have to be a  guest to walk the trail, but you might want to consider spending a night or two when you have a little money to splurge. As you walk along your favorite path, you can practice a Japanese forest therapy called Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing that has many health benefits. It’s free to explore.

Take Some Time

Just spend some time with loved ones and friends to give your oxytocin a boost.  You can hug your dad or find a dad to hug and tell him thanks for being a great dad!

Did I miss any? Are there other ways to splurge on yourself without spending money?

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