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So you just walked past your formal dining room and thought, “When was the last time we used that? Christmas? – no we went to Mom & Dad’s. And what about the sitting room or that 4th bedroom, now that the kids are gone? We never had the money to get the quality stuff we really wanted. Why in the Hell are we paying for all this stuff and really; where did all this stuff come from anyway?” Good grief! For most of us, our utilities and house payment or rent are our biggest expense every month, every year, for our entire life.

What if you stopped paying to heat/cool that 4th bedroom or the formal dining room that hasn’t been used in 5 years. Would you miss them? Going small is kinda like giving yourself a raise without asking your boss. Your utility expenses are cut way down, and that’s just the start. We pay $40/month on our budget gas program and always have money left at the end of the year. That covers heating, cooking, and hot water. Our electric bill averages about the same although in the summer, with our tiny, whole house window air conditioner running 24/7, it has gone as high as $95. How much extra a month would that put in your pocket to spend on a great bottle of wine or a massage? Living small can mean living large! When you think about it, we need – 1) A place to sit and watch TV, read, or visit 2) A place to sleep 3) A place to cook and eat 4) A place to bathe and perform our bodily duties (haha, I said doodies!) Beyond those 4 you might say, “I work at home, what about an office?”. I am writing this on my “TV tray” office, in front of my 36″ flat screen monitor/TV connected to my laptop. I used to have a small desk up in the bedroom, but I kept bumping my head on the ceiling! Small living is about multi-function spaces. You might say “What about private space? I need my own room!” I did add a space that Sue uses as her creative studio. It would be tough to have a working studio in a 500SqFt home. I am a woodworker, but I can’t have my shop in a 500SqFt Tiny either; however, I can go rent one and pay the rent by giving lessons once a week. Small living is about living beyond your 4 walls. So if you’re seriously thinking about going small or just heard about the “Movement Towards Rational Habitation” as I like to call it, stick with us and we will tell the truth, the good and the bad, (yes there is bad too because nothing is perfect!) and we’ll answer any questions you may have and try to get you thinking realistically about your small move!

Cheers and LIVE SMALL! Ron

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  1. You guys are an inspiration! I absolutely love everything you have done and are doing!!! The details in this house are amazing and I can’t wait to get more blog posts. Thank you so much, you made my day:)

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