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STM is Under Construction

Shiny Tiny Mansion is under construction, but you can still read the posts on the site. The new website will focus on Simple, Small, Natural topics and projects¬†for the home and garden. We’ll see you soon with the new look. We would like to make STM as useful to site visitors as possible. If there […]

Garlic in January

Outside with Garlic Peepers

Due to a warmer than usual winter thanks to our friend El Nino, the garlic that I planted in the kitchen garden is starting to peep through the straw mulch. This is not my first adventure with garlic, so I know that it is pretty hardy and can stand a bit of the cold. I […]

Listen to Me Yapaway about Tiny Houses on the DIY April Podcast and Blog ;)

I was a guest on the DIY April Podcast recently. The show was titled Tiny House Movement Explodes. April and I talked about several Tiny House issues like locations, regulations, the reality of building costs, & why anyone would be crazy enough to attempt living in under 500SF with other folks! If you want to hear me yapaway about my opinions on these issues, check out our post.
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